2014-05-11 06:10 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Welcome!

Welcome to Thank Goblins! This sticky post will always be right here at the top to welcome you and to orient newcomers. For the latest posts, scroll on down.

Here are our main FAQs. Click the little triangle to expand any answer individually or click "read more" to read the whole thing.

What's going on here?

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So what are you doing?

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What about Danielle?

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How do I donate?

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Can I get something as a reward?

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What about this comic you're making?

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Thank you!
2014-05-30 08:53 am
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Dares Dangers: The adventure begins!

We'll put the first page of the Dares comic here.
2014-05-11 06:23 pm
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We're making a quilt. Here's everything you need to know about that.

Description of the quilt.

Instructions on how to make your own quilt square.

Where to send your quilt square.
2014-05-11 06:15 pm
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This is an index of all the auctions we currently have.

Things currently up for auction:

Thing 1
Thing 2
Thing 3

To bid, simply comment on the auction post with a number higher than the number in the previous comment. If you don't have a DreamWidth account, you can use OpenID. OpenID will let you sign in using an account from another site or service, including Google, Blogger, and WordPress. Here's how. You can also leave an anonymous comment. Just be sure to include an email address where we can contact you.