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Welcome to Thank Goblins! This sticky post will always be right here at the top to welcome you and to orient newcomers. For the latest posts, scroll on down.

Here are our main FAQs. Click the little triangle to expand any answer individually or click "read more" to read the whole thing.

What's going on here?

This is a fan fundraiser to benefit Thunt (AKA Tarol Hunt AKA Tarol Stephens), author of the awesome Goblins webcomic.

We're also putting together a project for Thunt's wife, Danielle.

You can read more about who we are on our profile page.


Besides creating, writing, and drawing the comic we enjoy so much, Thunt is an all-around great guy. But he's been going through some tough times of late. You can read about it in Thunt's own words in this long blog post. Even before the breakdown which has kept him from working for the last few months, he was stressed out and overworking himself.

We want to do something to thank him for all the entertainment he's provided us and to make life a little better and easier for a good man and a good friend. And really, at this point, just to provide something happy to help turn around what's been a very difficult year.

We also want to thank Danielle (who tends to work behind the scenes) for being such an awesome person.

So what are you doing?

For Thunt, we're hosting a fundraiser to purchase a new portable drawing tablet. It's something that Thunt has been coveting for some time now. His current drawing tablet has to be attached to his computer. Since he spends the bulk of his waking hours drawing the comic, this means that he can't get away from his desk very often. A good portable tablet will open up new options for him. It will also make it much easier for him to attend conventions (which both helps promote the comic and gives us opportunities to meet him in person).

The fundraiser will be in the style of Thunt's own Tempts Fate fundraisers. We have a fan comic featuring the adventures of Dares Dangers. As we meet donation milestones, we'll reveal new pages of the comic as well as other donated fan art.

We're hoping to raise a total of $2500 to purchase the tablet. If we can get past that, there's an upgraded version of the tablet with more memory. If we can't meet that goal, we'll give Thunt whatever we have raised so he can put it towards purchasing the tablet himself, or whatever else he feels he needs.

(Full disclosure: The fan comic was a commissioned work, so a small portion of donations will be used to pay the artist. It's only fair. The whole point here is that making a comic is a lot of work.)

What about Danielle?

For Danielle, we're making a quilt. It's cold in Canada, and Thunt's cabin has a single wood stove for warmth. A new quilt is a homey and practical gift, and having it made especially for her by the fans will be very special. More information about how to participate can be found in the quilting post. Don't worry; it's really easy, even if you've never done any sewing or quilting. You just need a scrap of cloth and some simple decorating tools.

How do I donate?

If you have PayPal, just send something to us. The PayPal address is zennerd at comcast dot net. You can also use this handy donate button:

The button will work even if you don't have a PayPal account. (PayPal will, however, charge us a small fee for any donations received through the button.)

You can also send a check to:

Shanna Haney
PO Box 243
Cordova, MD 21625

Can I get something as a reward?

Yes! We're having a bunch of auctions. Here's more information about our auctions, including an index of all auctions currently running. All proceeds will go directly to the fundraiser.

If you have something you'd like to donate for auction, please let us know.

What about this comic you're making?

It will be posted here along with our other fanart. We will tag the entries appropriately for your reading convenience.

You can read all the currently posted pages of the comic using the Dares tag.

You can see that along with all the fanart we've posted using the fanart tag.

Thank you!